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When I think of Wedding Gowns and Formal Wear, I get excited!  I love how the right fit will flatter your figure, and enhance your beauty.  How it can evoke so much emotion seeing yourself in it, and how your loved ones respond to the beauty that shines through when you wear it! 

I started my career as a dress consultant when I opened an "off the rack" bridal boutique.  However, I soon learned that selling gowns was not as important to me as finding the right fit for the customer.  Rather than push an ill fitted gown, I would tell the customer what fit to look for, and pointed her in the direction of another store.   Unfortunately, all the gratitude in the world does not pay bills.  Therefore, I decided to close the boutique, and concentrate on my true passion, which is helping you find that perfect gown.

The name of my business,  "A Girl's Dream" has double meaning. It's for you and your dream of wearing that perfect gown, and for me and my dream of helping you find it.   I would be honored to be part of your dream come true!

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